About ME

Metal Equipped, ME, was established in early 2012 and our mission is to stay on the leading edge of the personal protection clothing. Our focus is on safety socks for the heavy metal industry and for firefighters.

ME origins go much further back as 3CO was created by Mr. Vidar Magnusson, former managing director of the Icelandic textile company Trico, in the early eighties. Trico was established in 1952 and is well known within the textile industry producing socks for the domestic market and servicing special needs within the textile industry. Trico’s largest customer since 1996 is the prosthetic company Össur, second largest prosthetic company in the world.

Owner and CEO of ME is Vidar’s daughter Ms. Helga Vidarsdottir. Ms. Vidarsdottir is also a member of the European Committee for Standardization, Technical Committee 162 / WG2. The scope of CEN/TC162 is to prepare European Standards (requirements and testing) in the field of clothing to protect against physical and chemical hazards. Helga holds a Master’s degree in business administration and marketing from Aarhus school of business in Denmark and has been involved with textile related businesses for over 20 years.

ME brings over sixty years of experience to the PPE market and our expert knowledge of specialist textiles continues to grow.

3co_LOGO_2-OCT3CO was first developed in 1994 and is now a world wide protected and registered trademark. If you wish to explore the possibility of producing a product made from 3CO, please send ME information about your product.

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