Fact Sheet

3CO socks have been tested according to the European standard EN 533 at Institute Textile de France.  The results show that the socks meet the highest performance level (Level 3).

The socks have also been tested against the ASTM standards by The University of Alabama at Birmingham.  The results show that the heat transfer through the fabric measured below 0,5 cal/cm2sec. This low heat flux can be instrumental in preventing second and third degree burns.  Second degree burns occur when the heat transfer rate to the skin is more than 1 cal/cm2sec.

Laundering tests show that 3CO socks offer superior resistance to industrial laundering and have excellent durability.

About 3CO Fabric

3co_LOGO_2-OCTThe most important quality of 3CO, apart for its great safety performance, is that it is very comfortable to wear. The combination of 3CO was developed so that moisture (body vapor) would transform away from the body under high temperature conditions, but also keep stable body temperature under cold conditions. Thermo-stability of a fiber or fabrics concerns the conservation of mechanical characteristics and dimensional stability of a given temperature exposure. For the protective clothing applications fabric is required to withstand temperatures of over 1000°C for a few seconds. 3CO is extremely efficient in this field. When subject to flames, products made of 3CO retain their integrity and their dimensions, which means that in addition to acting as a protective screen, they also maintain the protective layer of air between the skin and the clothing.

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