The thin boot sock.

Ready for heavy metal industries and military use.

The thin combo

Týr is a navy blue boot sock knitted of wool 34%, Lenzing FR® 34% and Kermel® 17%, with reinforcements in polyamide. This combination of fabrics gives high ignition temperature, does not melt or drip and forms a self-insulating char that prevents further flame spread.

The sock is terry knitted creating a layer of air between the body and the garment that insulates against both cold and heat.

Lenzing FR®

Extreme durability

Thanks to the combination of fabrics, Týr enjoys a thick construction and a strong protection.

Superior fit technology

Our socks are made to fit your feet and adapt to it.

Breathable moisture control

We take care of the moisture on your feet so they will always stay grippy, even when you are sweaty!

Arch compression support & stability

We ensure each Týr sock provide extra shock absorption to lessen the the impact of all surfaces on your feet

Reinforced Heel & Toe

Our socks provide reinforced protection for the critical parts of the foot.

Ventilation channels

Each sock has ventilation channels with enhanced airflow that let air circulate through your feet.

As safe as possible

Our socks do not generate toxic chemicals when exposed to extreme heat or flames.

Dimensionally stable

Our socks preserve their dimensional stability even when subjected to extreme heat or flames.

Low heat transfer

We guarantee each of our socks's heat transfer rate through the fabric is below 0,5cal/cm2sec

Laundering resistance

Our socks are made to resist industrial laundering at high temperatures without impact on durability.

EN ISO 11612 complaint

Our socks pass every test with excellent grades, always meeting EU regulations.

Designed in Iceland

We bring you the best socks in the market, backed by our 60+ years of experience.

TÝR is best in class

TýR BOOT socks are complaint with EN ISO 11612

Limited flame spread (EN 15025-A1-A2)

Convective heat (EN 9151)

Radiant heat (EN 6942)

Electrostatic test (EN 1149-5)

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Available in Navy Blue in different sizes: 36-38, 39-41, 42-44, 45-47.

Also available in 2 heights:

  • Low: 25cm from heel.
  • High: 36cm from heel.

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Washing instructions

Wash at 60ºC

Do not bleach

at low temperature

Do not iron